Saturday, April 29, 2006



My family racked up about $200 in long distance last month, which got me thinking about exploring long distance using V.O.I.P. (Voice Over Internet Protocol).

There's all kinds of people willing to sell you a bunch of equipment or get you locked up into contracts. There are also mainstream VOIP subscription services such as Vonage.

However, I'll be looking at services that are, free, close to free and simple. I don't see why anyone would want to get bound up in unneccesarily complicated long distance contracts, unless they simply didn't know any better.


The simplest, most intriging service I've found is JaJah. It does not require any special equipment and there's nothing to install. Like Google, the interface is very simple. It works like this:

1. At the jajah site, enter the two numbers you want to connect.
2. When your phone rings, pick it up and talk.

You could even use that old Bell telephone with the mechanical ringer on it. Because you are not using your computer's audio capability or your own bandwidth to carry the voice, the quality is as good as a local call.

They are letting people test it with free 5-minute calls.


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